Basel Hajal

Basel is a Syrian American medical doctor and independent contractor currently residing in Bergen County, New Jersey. A graduate of UOK Syrian Medical School, Basel has transitioned his expertise to serve as the Senior International Relations Consultant and Chief Interpreter for Sadan Global. His role involves leveraging his organizational skills and dedication to ease the complexities of international negotiations.

Basel's journey to the United States was marked by resilience and determination. Seeking political asylum due to the challenging situation in Syria, he faced numerous obstacles, including financial difficulties and legal battles, all while being unable to practice medicine. These experiences honed his adaptability and reinforced his commitment to ethical and moral standards.

In his current role, Basel brings a unique perspective, blending his medical background with a deep understanding of cultural dynamics and international relations. His ability to stay organized and dependable has proven invaluable in fostering trust and dependability, essential qualities for the growth and success of Sadan Global. Basel's dedication to making life easier for others and enhancing operational efficiency aligns perfectly with the company’s mission to build strategic partnerships and achieve outstanding results.

Basel Hajal

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Basel Hajal

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